AJ3 Accessory Box
The ultimate accessory pack to mount your phone, GoPro, tablet and a tripod mount creating endless possibilities to put your tunes where you want them.
AJ3 Accessory Pack Specification
GoPro Compatible Mount: Film your party/pool party. Can be attached to any of the attachment ports on the AJX-3 and AJM-3.

Dual Position Phone Mount: Compatible with most major smart phone brands up to 5.5’’: including Iphone 6, 7, 8, X, HTC and Samsung.

Dual Position Tablet Mount: Compatible with most major tablet brands up to 10’’ including iPad, iPad mini.

Flexi Grip Tripod: Super versatile tripod with high grip flexible legs allows you to grip onto any surface and hook/wrap around beams, poles, trees and more. Will support AJX-3 and AJM-3.

Double Ended Bolt: Attach with your AJ phone and tablet mounts or use to attach a standard (for camera and tripod) ¼’’ screw mount.

AJ3 Accessory Box


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