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Nic Jarrett | Hong Kong | 24/06/2015
Aquajam - Portable Bluetooth speaker goes to next level

There seems to be no shortage of bluetooth speakers on the market at the moment, of varying degrees of quality. Having received the Aquajam as a gift recently, my expectations were mixed. For me, decent sound quality; battery life; and true portability are vital for such gadgets. In the Aquajam you get all of that plus so much more! Aquajam doesn't disappoint on sound  in terms of depth of it. Ideally, a little more volume wouldn't go amiss, but given it's intended purpose (to float while you're swimming or bathing) this isn't too much of an issue. This is a truly portable speaker and control device that - given it's fully waterproof casing - you could take into the swimming pool, bath, shower etc. and splash away to the whatever sounds you're streaming from your smartphone (for example) via bluetooth to it. And it floats! With (unlike many other speakers of this genre) buttons on hand to change you music tracks without having to touch your precious smart phone, the controls are centralised within this one system. Then to top it all, in the event that your smart phone starts ringing while you're dancing away in the shower, the Aquajam not only houses controls to allow you to pick up the call, but has the added benefit of a speaker so you can chat away via the Aquajam  without having to stop swimming/bathing/etc - or at least, having to first dry your hands.  Very happy to report that I had my first shower to music experience, and mid-way  took a phone call - just because I could! Add to all of that the ease of set up -  straight out of the box (particularly if you're familiar with synching via bluetooth) - and it's clear that this is an impressive gadget indeed!


Shane85Bris | Brisbane, Australia | 20/05/2015
Great portable speaker
ProsEasy to Use, floats speaker side up, good battery life, durable, hands free, waterproof, Consnot found anywhere to purchase additional mounts
Okay, so as opposed to other expensive Bluetooth speakers on the market this one wins hands down, besides it being durable and coming with a range of mounts making it perfect for any outdoors activity. it is also Waterproof speaker that also floats and a built in microphone allows you to easily receive calls, so whether your listening to music in the shower or in the pool, if someone calls you can take it without worrying about having to dry your hands.
TonyJ | Noosa, Australia | 06/02/2015
I bought it because it looked about right.

I couldn't find any reviews of it anywhere and I had looked around for something i could take to the beach or the pool which I felt comfortable with getting a splash on and hopefully would be built a little more ruggedly than the average Bluetooth speaker. I was hoping it would sound OK, I was hoping that it would connect and reconnect easily and that was loud enough to let me listen to my stuff without having to have it redlining all the time. I Got the package after 3 days and it was packed in a nice looking plastic tube, so it'd be a nice present for someone. I opened it up and out came all the connectors in case I needed to mount it on the bike handlebars or something. They were all good and seemed good quality. The speaker itself was really surprisingly good. It had a charge in it but I decided to make sure it was fully charged before playing with it. I read the instructions and after an hour or so, the charging light went out and I paired it with my iphone 5 in a few seconds. really easy so far. The sound was surprisingly good. I'd been pretty nervous that I'd get a really tinny flat sound but I was really happy with it. I went outside to see if it sounded ok in the open air and it did. Obviously If you go for something bigger and spend more, you'll get a fuller, richer sound but I have a bigger set that I don't use as much as I will this one, because they're too big to lug around easily. I can toss this in my bag and go to the beach or float around the pool with it without worrying about getting a splash on it. I haven't tested whether you get 10 hours out of a charge but I've run it for a few hours now and it still sounds the same. Honestly I'd recommend this to you.